Change Their Story 2012

End Sex Trafficking

Welcome to our Team Page! We're excited to tell you more about Change Their Story 2012. If you are looking for a participant, they are listed in the table below. Using the links on the right, you can make a donation to our team goal. 

Children's HopeChest is raising $25,000 to benefit the trafficking prevention and restoration programs for girls in Moldova and Russia. 

Girls are trafficked and forced into prostitution through the lies and deceptions of traffickers. To read about a few in Moldova, just scoll down to the article below the participant table. 

In Russia, Moldova, and other parts of Eastern Europe, girls are promised lucrative jobs in new cities or foreign countries. Sometimes, like in the case of Sasha, they are offered gifts, food, and clothing from men. Sasha accepted gifts from these men, not knowing they were traffickers. 

Soon they demanded repayment in the form of sex. Ordering her back to a sauna where she would meet her first "clients." When she refused she was beaten, and threatened with an axe. Miraculously, Sasha escaped her ordeal. Through the help HopeChest is providing Sasha, she is now safe with her family--including her daughter Liza. 

When you give, you are helping prevent sex trafficking, and funding the amazing after-care programs that are necessary for restoring a woman from the horrors of sexual, emotional, and physical violence.

Sasha escaped. Millions more do not. She decided to share her story on a tour through the U.S., and uses her ordeal to bring more attention to sex trafficking and the need for both prevention and after-care services.

If you would like to create your own fundraising page, click "Join Our Team" below to begin the registration process. 


End Sex Trafficking - Join Team Raised
Tom Davis $5,375.00
Jan Ling $75.00
Marisa McMillen $50.00
Kati Sieger $25.00
Dawn Sullivan $75.00
Sue Trefry $25.00
Team Gifts $5,282.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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