Change Their Story 2014

Burayu Medical Fund




Please consider helping us reach our goal of $7,500 for Burayu's Medical Fund     


    To change a child’s story—that’s the reason why we all chose sponsorship. Sponsorship provides food where there was hunger, joy where there was despair, and hope where there was hopelessness. It provides each child with an education, enough food, and basic medical care. However, our vision for Burayu goes beyond sponsorship; there are other needs that need to be met as well.

    Imagine if your son or daughter fell into an open fire or broke a bone.  Imagine you or your child had a chronic or more serious issue keeping you from work or school. In America, we would rush our family to the hospital, flash our insurance card, and the proper care would be administered. However, burns, broken bones, open woulnds, skin diseases and other more serious medical issues often go untreated in Ethiopia, resulting in lifelong impairments or even death. Why? It is not because hospitals and clinics are not available in Ethiopia, because they are on a limited basis. Rather, it is because many of those living in Burayu do not have the money to pay for medical attention, treatment, medications or even travel costs to reach an available clinic.

    While sponsorship covers basic medical care for each child—check ups and immunizations—your $38 per month does not cover unforeseen expenses for more complex medical needs or surgeries. Therefore, we are establishing a fund that will provide money to our Burayu CarePoint children and their immediate families, should they require additional medical care.

    Please consider donating to Burayu’s emergency medical fund.  This fund will support the urgent needs of families in our community, enriching their lives through better health and empowering them to support their community.


Thank you for your continuing support of the children and community of Burayu!


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