Change Their Story 2014

Alade Genet Team

Welcome to the Alade Genet CarePoint team page! We're excited to tell you more about what we are planning for the 2014 Change Their Story campaign!

Currently 300 children are attending the Alade Genet School without access to water. While visiting last month, we saw a donkey hauling several jerry cans of water on a cart. It was the water they would use for the day. We witnessed how crucial the need for clean, safe water is to their growth and health so we want to give them the life-giving gift of WATER this Christmas!

 The Alade Genet Water Project will consist of installing a pipeline from a nearby water source that will then be connected to two, newly constructed, water points. One will be built at the Alade Genet CarePoint and one in the surrounding village! What a great way to share the gospel and show God’s love to the childrens’ community!

 YOU have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary endeavor. Contribute to the Alade Genet Water Project TODAY and give the gift of hope and sustainable change. 

We still need a little over $8000 to cover costs of the 2 water points. The number seems big but we believe with your help we can accomplish our goal! We believe people can still change the world and that is exactly what we hope to do for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Alade Genet CarePoint through the Change Their Story Campaign.

If you are looking for a participant, they are listed in the table below. Using the links on the right, you can make a donation to our team goal. 

If you would like to create your own fundraising page, click "Join Our Team" on the right to begin the registration process. 

Thanks so much!

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