Change Their Story 2014

Kebron Nutritional Support

Welcome to our Team Page! We're excited to tell you more about Change Their Story 2014.

This year, we are focusing on building a Nutrition Fund for Kebron. We have been able to provide a hot meal to the children 5 days a week for almost two years. We have seen a remarkable transformation in the children because of it! We want to keep this going!

Unfortunately, hunger is a very real issue for so many children in Ethiopia. Parents and caregivers work hard to try and provide food for their children but it is expensive and jobs are few. Often the food that is provided is lacking in the complete nutrition necessary for growing bodies. When children go hungry, it affects their physical health as well as their emotional health. When their bellies are hungry, children lack the energy to be focused in school or even to be physically active.  

We have been able to change that for the children we serve at Kebron. By getting a hot meal 5 days a week, their bodies are healthier and stronger. They are able to go to school regularly and stay focused. We have to make sure this continues. 

We have been able to provide the daily feeding program by supplemental funding we received from two grants. Unfortunately grants aren't guaranteed to be renewed every year and we need to guarantee that our daily feeding program continues. We want to build a Nutrition Fund so that we can keep this program going. Not only do we want to continue the meals 5 days a week for all the children, but we also want to have the funds available to provide additional nutritional support to some of our children who have chronic ongoing medical needs. 

Please consider how you can help support the Nutrition Fund at Kebron. We have established a goal of $150 for the year ($12.50/month) for each child or a total of $10,800. You can use the links on the right to make a donation to our team goal or if you are looking for a participant and would like to contribute to their individual goal for our team, they are listed in the table below.


If you would like to join our team and create your own fundraising page, click "Join Our Team" on the right to begin the registration process. 


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