Change Their Story 2014

Ongongoja Startup Costs

Let your year end with life giving change!!

The last two days of the year we are working to raise $3500 for a medical fund for the kids in Ongongoja.  We need to do a medical screening on each of the 150 children which will costs $10 per child so $1500.  This will identify major health issues that will need to be treated such as HIV, epilesy, etc and it will cover treatment for basic medical issues such as minor infections, scabies, jiggers, malaria, minor skin infections, etc.  The remaining $2000 will be used to start treating the more major medical issues these children have and we have been told there are MANY.




Be a part of changing an entire village

Ongongoja is a brand new addition to the Orphans of Teso family. The CarePoint is being launched in January of 2015. This area is extremely remote, and the people of this region have been hit hard by recent famines, drought, and decades of civil war. The locals refer to Ongongoja as "the ends of the earth", and there is very little hope for the people of this region. We would like to change this, starting this Christmas, as we raise funds to help launch the new CarePoint. 

We currently have 150 orphans identified as the most in need (out of the over 750 orphans in the area) and would love to start feeding them and sending them to school as soon as possible.


As we enter the "Survive" phase of development for the Ongongoja Carepoint, funds will be needed to:



  • -Purchase land for the CarePoint
  • -Find a clean water supply
  • -Construct a small kitchen to prepare the daily meals
  • -Construct a multi-purpose building for the kids to meet in
  • -Construct a pit latrine
  • -Purchase cooking supplies (pots, pans, bowls for the children, etc)
  • -Medical fund
  • -Hep B vaccinations
  • -Create an education fund

 Goal:  $21,500


Our goal this Christmas is to raise $21,500 to provide initial funding to secure a location and invest in the initial supplies to begin the feeding program for the 150 kids currently engaged in the program. Every dollar we raise during this fundraiser will make a huge impact in the lives of this community!



Every dollar helps. We sincerely appreciate your support and your donation is fully tax deductable.  To learn more about the Orphans of Teso work go to

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