Change Their Story 2014

Merkato Medical Fund

Thank you for visiting our Team Page and your interest in helping children in Ethiopia! We serve the children at Merkato, a slum neighborhood in the capital city of Ethiopia. There are 200 kids enrolled in the program (about 30 of them still need sponsors!). Sponsored kids receive school tuition, uniforms and supplies, feeding, medical checkups, and discipleship through the church that is in the neighborhood.




We are raising $10,000 this Christmas to provide for the medical needs of the children in our sponsorship program. While our sponsorship dollars do pay for basic checkups for the children, whenever a child is injured or very sick and needs extra medical care Children's HopeChest is unable to provide funds for that.




Imagine if your own son was sick and you were unable to visit the doctor to get the basic antibiotics that he needed. Or if your daughter needed fluids after becoming dehydrated from diarrhea, and you couldn't afford to take her to the hospital for the IV that would restore her health. This is the reality that the families at Merkato face.




$10,000 will provide $50 per child for each of the 200 kids enrolled in the program. Thank you for your generous donation to help the children that we love so much.




If you are looking for a participant, they are listed in the table below. Using the links on the right, you can make a donation to our team goal.




If you would like to create your own fundraising page, click "Join Our Team" on the right to begin the registration process.





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