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Is God calling us to something? 

In Ethiopia, one of the world’s poorest countries, changing the stories for most people there looks very different. Unless you’ve experienced their situation firsthand, their starting point is unimaginable. Take, for example, the deeply impoverished community of Jemo, in the heart of Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital.  There are more than 250 children in this community who do not have the basic necessities to live healthy lives—the very things we Americans take for granted every day.  They do not have enough food, let alone enough healthy food for their bodies and minds to develop at a normal, life-sustaining rate.  They do not have basic medical care that could prevent small problems from becoming life-threatening.  Truth is, clean water and decent clothing are luxuries for the very few.  Most families cannot even afford to send their children to school.  So, where do we start? How can we help?  And, most importantly, 

What is God calling us to do? 

Our church, along with many others in and outside our community, have come together to stand alongside each precious child at Jemo.  To begin with, we must do something to unwrap the many layers of poverty smothering these beautiful children.  That’s why we’ve started the Jemo Health Fund, the goal of which is to raise $150 per child to support proper nutrition, medical care, clean water needs and good overall mental health.  This fund will allow Jemo’s children to survive and thrive within their home culture, in a community of loving parents/caretakers, church leaders and community leaders.  

In June 2015, a 25-person team will be visiting Jemo.  We’ll worship with the community, play and laugh with its children, and dream with and love on them. We’ll also plan and partake in a community feast, do follow up medical care, share Jesus with them, and much more.  As always, we will receive much more than we give.  The Jemo community, especially its children, show us each and every day how thankful they are for God’s miracles.  They show us what true joy looks like.  They remind us what a trusting relationship with Jesus is all about.  It’s not about the things they have, the places they’ve been or their accomplishments. It’s about family, relationships and God!

The Jemo Health Fund will help us change the story of this community one child at a time!

Maybe this is something God is calling us to!  

Please consider coming alongside the least of these in our world! Please consider donating today! Thank you and peaceful blessings this holiday season!


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