Change Their Story 2014

Clean Water Access Point We Hope To Build For Our Children
Clean Water Access Point We Hope To Build For Our Children


Help Us Raise $26,100

We have already raised almost $7,000 with the help of Sara's Amazing Detroit Team & the Change Their Story campaign!!


Welcome to our Team Page! We're excited to tell you more about Change Their Story 2014. If you are looking for a participant, they are listed in the table below

Emmanuel Church CarePoint is situated on the bank of a brown, yet beautiful, crooked little river. As picturesque as this water source is, it is also a portrait of the poor conditions our CarePoint community endures. Latrine-type structures built on stilts are situated all along this river - human waste dropped directly into the water, as well as garbage. Livestock draw water here. The community bathes here.
There is currently no running water connected to our CarePoint facilities. There are no restrooms. No toilets to flush. No sinks to wash hands. No faucets to pour a glass of clean, potable water.
We have the opportunity to change this.

Contributions will allow the Emmanuel Church CarePoint facilities to tap into the running water line, construct a latrine building like those pictured here and provide clean drinking water to the children and staff. Our estimates from the local, fair wage workers is $21,701.00 for the Latrine facility and $4,451.00 for the Water Point.

Please strongly consider contributing. Your donation could very well save a life!

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