Change Their Story 2012
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A Cure for the Common Christmas
Because a sweater never changed the world.

Infecting millions of Americans, the Common Christmas causes unhappiness, depression, family strife, and even debt. Perhaps you or a loved one suffers from the effects of Common Christmas.

You are NOT alone. There is hope.

Change Their Story has proven effective in reversing the effects of the Common Christmas, by helping you focus on what matters most to you. Doing good. Spreading joy. Helping children.

Make the Common Christmas a thing of the past. No more crowded malls and angry shoppers. No more bad sweaters and ugly ties.

With Change Their Story, you get what you REALLY want for Christmas...the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a child.

Click below to register for Change Their Story and fight back against the Common Christmas.


Change Their Story FAQ

What is Change Their Story?

Change Their Story is HopeChest's Christmas fundraising campaign that provides you with the tools to raise funds that benefit the most vulnerable children in the world. When you sign up, you simply pick a project to support and set a fundraising goal of $500 or more. Then, using a personalized fundraising page, you ask friends, families and colleagues to help you reach your goal!

Who am I supporting?

During the registration process, you'll have the chance to pick a specific project. Change Their Story 2013 projects target areas such as nutrition, water, medical care, education and youth transition programs, to name a few. If you already sponsor a child through HopeChest, you can select a project that benefits the children at the CarePoint you already know. You'll be assigned to a team of other fundraisers who are also supporting that project. All of your funds are combined with your teammates' to fund the target project.

What if I don't raise $500?

The average fundraiser receives over $1,000. If you are not able to meet your goal, HopeChest uses the funds you have raised to support your project. Don't worry - you won't be responsible for the difference if you do not meet your goal.

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