Change Their Story 2014

Bheveni DreamCatchers

  The last miracle of 2014 & 

The first miracle of 2015
Thank you to each & every person who gave, prayed,

supported & even just tolerated our continual posting for such an opportunity.

Rest assured that you have been a part of changing lives.

Many kids will reap the benefits of the seeds you've sown.

God bless!

What do all children have in common? Imagination!!!

They love to dream BIG... Especially at Christmas time, right?

For every child, there is a grand story within them; once upon a time for many in the community of Bheveni in Swaziland, it was a story of sadness, brokenness with no hope for any kind of future. Not any longer. Hope is on the rise! 

Consider yourself a 'DreamCatcher' and dream BIG with us:

PHASE 1: Mbongiseni's Dream {soccer scholarship: $2700}DONE!!!!!

PHASE 2: Building Bheveni Dream {$33,190} DONE!!!!!

PHASE 3: BEST Fund Education Dream {school fees: $3000} DONE!!!!!



School is not free in Swaziland. Depending on the grade level, a

year's worth of school can cost between $40-$700 per child. 

Through the Bheveni Educational Scholarship Trust Fund (BEST), we've been able to provide tuition assistance to hundreds of kids in years past. I wish I could describe to you the immense joy on a Swazi child's face when they are told they CAN go to school!!! They know the true treasure and power of literacy!!!

This year there are only a few kids in the Bheveni community who are in the direst of circumstances, needing a little help with school fees. Can you help give the BEST? 


Click the donate button to make a gift to support BIG Dreams & be a real life DreamCatcher this year!!!


The Bheveni DreamCatchers Team


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